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How Detox Helps in the Recovery Process

Abruptly stopping the use of a substance is terrifying, damaging and even life-threatening for people who are affected by profound addiction. Often, people that have tried to stop using in the past have used the cold turkey method, or attempted to use their self-control to quit. Partially because substance abuse is extremely powerful, and in part because the latent reasons for using drugs or alcohol have not been addressed, attempts to stop the use of drugs or alcohol without certified help usually fail. Majority of centers believe that detox is a powerful tool, and the most important step towards recovering, but detox is not treatment.

Detoxification, or detox, involves cleansing the body of a substance, while at the same time managing the symptoms of withdrawal. Detox should be accomplished rapidly and properly, and, for lots of addicts, is a crucial first step in rehab. The most critical factor to remember about detox is that it is not rehabilitation, and can’t cure the addict or alcoholic. Treatment and rehab are the only real and established paths to recovery. Treatment programs strongly suggest continuing into treatment in any rehabilitation center for the most efficient recovery results.

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